Friday, October 2, 2009

The changing landscape

I don't mind change, change is inevitable in an urban environment, but when it becomes too drastic in too brief a time, communities become undone, soulless, without the recognizeable landmarks that make a place "home." Unfortunately, wide swaths of downtown Stamford have been obliterated in the past years - and not just from urban renewal - making it impossible for residents (or former residents) to recognize their own home town. A friend of mine used to call it "Oz." Drive down to the South End, and with the exception of a handful (and literally only a handful) of old buildings, nothing remains but cleared lots and new construction. Half of Clinton Ave., a late 19th century street just west of Washington Boulevard, has been cleared by UBS - we know not why - and Washington Boulevard, south of the railroad tracks, West Henry Street and Pulaski Street have all gone the way of the wrecking ball. If you want a shock, check it out.

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