Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where has all the housing gone?

For those of you who haven't driven around downtown Stamford and the South End for a while, prepare for a shock. Whole neighborhoods of low-income housing have been wiped out. Not just one or two buildings, but entire blocks. The new affordable housing being built or proposed to be built comes nowhere near the number lost. Just check out Clinton Avenue and Division Street (UBS), Finney Lane (Stamford Hospital), Henry and Pulaski Streets (BLT/Antares) Garden and lower Pacific Streets (the Urban Transitway). Entire neighborhoods have vanished. It goes beyond loss of the city's historic fabric; it's a mass extermination of affordable housing. See for yourself.

The one bright spot is new construction on Fairfield Avenue off Stillwater Avenue, where a dreary '40s housing project was replaced by attractive new townhouses that don't look as if they were designed specifically for poor people.

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